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Join a global melting pot of leading innovators and digital disruptors. A place where creators meet makers, and where discoveries are made. A place where the future is born with circular design and additive manufacturing.

past is the old future,

lets create a new present

With the environment in focus, we design and manufacture products, software, methods and machines. Digitally designed parts that will be born out of recycled or biodegradable materials and live as a connected smart products enabling lifecycle properties and traceability.
Circular design, DfMA and IoT in convergence are our key values to protect our environment and manufacture locally, smart and on demand.

Pioneers of Digital Change

Challenge everything, help humanity overcome the destruction of our planet. We are not afraid of change, we are pioneers and we have the intention to shake things up. 

We are the Rebels

We are the rebels, the hungry and restless humans that want to see a change. We want to be a part of something bigger, a revolution that makes this world a better place.

Creative Minds at Work

There is always a better way and we are committed to finding it, by designing better and more functional products that are smarter to use and maintain.

Magic and Imagination 

We are the lost boys, in our own world where magic exists and we still think like kids, not ruined by constrained thinking and old ways that used to work

who we are:

We are no ordinary design firm, engineering company or factory. We are different and we dare to be. We will not settle with an easy way forward, we want to find the best solution, the future of our kids depends on it. We work with a community of creators, makers, modelers, designers, software geeks and business angels. 
We create atoms out of bits, software now runs the digital factory, the lostboyslab. The first Alpha Zero lab is developed in 2020 in the South Coast Sweden, now in 2022 we opened up The Factory, Northern Europes largest 3D print farm together with The Industry Sweden.

how we work

Behind the lostboyslab is a team of 3D pioneers with roots in 3D and CAD software, coding, business, design and engineering.
Our mission is to build up lostboyslab all over the world from the beaches of Bali to Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The concept is scalable and will be franchised to enable local jobs, local manufacturing, local recycling and a sustainable business and process.
Know-How, IP, platforms, hardware and software all in a common concept, that can take plastic waste and turn it into functional products.
Replications of the lab can be in mini versions like a shipping container in Cairo to a mega 3D printing and recycling factory in Texas. Micro factories and circular design is the key for the future.


All things around you can be made better. There are always several solutions to a single problem. Are you a thinker? Are you the innovator? Do you have an idea for a unique solution to an everyday problem? A lostboyslab close to you will help you with circular design, 3D modelling, prototyping and fabrication of your solution. We take the brain energy you have including your amazing idea, looking at it from a distance, in to the details and how it will work in context and with larger systems. We then turn that into bits and then atoms, with our power and know-how we share that with you on a journey to creation and making.


From conceptual sketches, drawings, ideas and thoughts. We bring that into the 3D model brain of the modern CAD software and turn it into a digital creation. The creation can be visualised, animated, simulated and then turned into a fully working prototype in various materials like PLA, PET, ONYX in days, not weeks or months. The creation is an iterative process that includes working with 3D CAD and 3D printers, going back and forth between digital bits and physical atoms. 3D scanning of real life products can be part of the creation process if needed.


The 4th industrial revolution is upon us. 3D printing will change everything in how we can manufacture. Fabrication will take place locally and products are shipped only in digital form from creator to maker on the internet. Our 3D print farms are here to assist your every move, use biodegradable plastics or recycled PET bottles from the streets of Amsterdam?  Replace Aluminium parts, we have Onyx composite materials that can be reinforced to be as strong.  We also offer recycled 3D filaments in PLA and PETG, developed together with Reflow.

Think again

The products we manufacture today need to be totally connected to a circular thinking in mind. All the hard questions need to be adressed, as what energy are used to produce the products, what material is used and how can it be recycled, if it breaks, where is new parts? This is just a few of the questions we need to adress to save the planet and humanity from using up all the resources in the ever accelerating pace. Integrating a lifecycle from cradle to grave thinking in all our product design and connecting products in a smart way to the internet to have up-to-date info on where and how to recycle forinstance is part of the eco-system we create.

We drive the digitalisation

The founders behind lostboyslab have been in the forefront of digitalisation for the past 30 years, now they take on the 4th industrial revolution with sustainability in focus. We drive multiple software platform projects and developments to support our labs in the next phase, Beta. Read more about and later in 2021.

lostboyslab,  Hästskogatan 2 Malmö, Sweden

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