This is no ordinary design studio , software developer, engineering company or factory.

a creative melting pot.

We are different and we dare to be.
Design in Fusion 360

We design in the maker movement design tool, in 3D CAD, the future of manufacturing.

Our models are parametric and allows for mass customisation

We design for the fabrication machines (3D printers) we have in place and for the optimal materials that are sustainable and fit for the task.

Additive Manufacturing

We use 3D printers and laser technology from all corners of the world to reach our goal, we test, research and rebuild machines to achieve better results. We are comitted to environmental friendly processes and to remove waste, toxic materials, transportation and supply chain from the equation.

All our know-how enters into our common platform that will be shared among all our labs.

Cloud platforms that connects

Only doing new cool design and printing in 3D farms would just get as that far... We need the glue to keep it together, internet based platforms that assist in adding and retrieving data to the right person at the right time.

We have in development several software platform technologies born in our Alpha Zero lab. These will be the fundament for all future labs in Beta and Gamma phase.

Circular design and manufacturing, save the world at the same time cutting costs

We will not settle with an easy way forward, we want to find the best solution, the future of our kids depends on it.

If we decide to work together, we will be partners. We will concentrate energy and know-how on your idea, so it will be the dream solution to the problem.

We practice circular design with biological or recycled materials, minimizing transports and using digital platforms for on demand manufacturing.

A new era can start

the digital supply chain

The internet is the backbone and distribution network that enables us to supply anyone around the world, with our digital design and enable a local 3D print farm to manufacture it. This alone will save transportation cost, no more middlemen, like supply chains and distributors.

Mass customisation

The products we design can be tailored and customised for the buyer in that particular space and time. Far gone is long lead times, subcontractors, “all fit one” limitations and it brings back the power to the people with the strongest mind and best ideas. The digital representation of products and solutions changes everything, products can be made in new materials, instantly, personalised and manufactured locally.

The new brave world of this 4th industrial revolution, will be made up of a new breed of creators (innovators and inventors) and makers (fabricators and manufacturers). At lostboyslab we support both innovators and fabricators with our own 3D printing farms located strategically around the world, as well as connecting with 3D farms all over the planet for even more fabrication power if needed.

  • From toys to spare parts for vintage cars

    The new digital factory is not specific to any certain industry and that is the real beauty. One of the days we manufacture jewelry, the next day furniture and another day, we build engine parts for vintage Porsches in Carbon fiber reinforced Onyx, all in ONE factory.

we are


the design studio

Our design studio revolves around disruption and imagineering, constantly pushing the limits of technology both in fabrication and materials.

We are on a mission to find new ways using new fabrication opportunities and new materials, that in combination with outside of the box thinking, finding the best process with software, platforms, 3D modeling and printing technology. Follow the EV-RSR project here

We are different

We don't like ordinary or almost great, we want to create and design products that break boundaries and have a functional approach, but at the same time are developed to be manufactured in the fastest and smartest way.

Forget everything you know about traditional methods of designing and engineering, it's a brave new world where parametric software, artificial intelligence, generative design and millions of simulations will hit your digital designs, optimised for additive manufacturing. In the design studio we design, model, calculate, simulate and produce prototypes faster than lighting strikes and we do it over and over again, since our process allows us to create, make, create and make with speed.

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We know that magic exist even outside of neverland and we would love to hear more about it. Why not get in touch for a partner discussion?
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