Case studies

We are unfortunate that we can't reveal most of our products and developments we have done, but some we can and we are happy to share the work. We are just at the start of our journey...
Some projects publish more in detail, you find the EV-RSR and CUBE project in the menus. Some of the parts listed below you can buy here as digital Fusion 360 model or as a printed part.


Designing 3D models for more than 30 interior decoration products all made in recycled or biodegradable materials. Smart, beautiful and clever products for the stylish and modern home. Especially challenging with hybrid materials cut with laser and integrated super magnets during the 3D printing process.



Designing and manufacturing of parts in reinforced ONYX, designed mainly for the Radical race car and used successfully in the 2020 championship in Radical Cup Scandinavia.


Vintage cars

Getting spare parts to old cars is a huge challenge, so we decide to help out. 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing of parts in ONYX but also parts made out of recycled PET and PLA with a combination of carbon fiber external reinforcement

EV-RSR is one of the projects you can follow in detail here



Working with our resin printers to create super detailed 3D models out of wax. We also developed a Fusion 360 ring configurator to set sizes and automatically placed out cuts for diamonds.