because We only have one planet

When we design, engineer and manufacture new products and parts we are committed to have sustainability in focus. We are dedicated to use recycled materials when we can, biodegradable materials when that works or exchanging metal parts into composite materials, to lower the footprints of carbon, energy and water.

Recycled and biodegradable materials

In our 3D print farm we have many machines that can use open source materials. We love that, since that means evolution is always on. We can expect new innovators inventing new materials and new techniques to make even more eco-friendly materials.

For products that will be used indoor, typically like toys, interior decorations or lighting fixtures we use rPLA or rPETG. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a bio-degradable and non-toxic polymer that is produced from lactic acid, which can be fermented from crops such as corn and potatoes.

We also recycle all PLA and PET material from our production and we use only materials that are manufactured in Europe to our farms inside EU to minimise the impact on the footprint.

Our latest development is the rPETG and Addnite P15R Made in Sweden that are almost 100% recycled.

Recycled materials

One of our absolute favorites is recycled PETG and our own Addnite.
Making products out of trash, old plastic that might end up in our oceans or just be landfill, is perfectly suited for recycling into 3D filaments and in our 3D farm it becomes new functional products.

Plastic waste

From our partners, we get rPLA, rPETG and Addnite that is transformed from plastic and rubber waste.We can transform this into usable parts for a sustainable design process.We work with circular design to tackle plastic pollution together and create meaningful design out of waste. Together with all suppliers of filament we will demand recycled materials and also work on our own solution for recycling. Click to BUY!

Recycling is hard

It is not easy to use recycled materials as the chains of atoms is broken, but we are comitted to manufacture products and parts that are eco friendly to industries that support the circle of life and holds sustainability as their highest priority. One of our development is to engineer and manufacture a shredder, grinder and extruder to recycle locally and make our own filament in the labs.

Together we can make a difference

Only around 5% of all plastic produced around the world annually is recycled. With 3D printing and new out of the box thinking in design and fabrication we can together work to change that. If we don't change however, it is estimated that already 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Every new lab we set up will consume recycled plastic and stop pollution.

3D printing

flexible and sustainable

Our 3D print farms are extremely flexible, one day producing replacements for automotive parts, next day toys for kids and the day after we manufacture interior products for homes.
Runs 24/7

The farm runs every day and every night, the printers even work on the weekends. Why is that sustainable? It is a factory that allow us to produce more for less energy and it is all local manufacturing. Use local materials, to produce parts locally with minimum transports. When we transport we do it with electrical vehicles charged with renewable energy as a source.

Solar energy

Our 3D print farm is run on clean energy. We only purchase electricity that come from renewable sources like sun, hydro and wind.

All staff working in lostboyslab commute and transport goods with electrical vehicles charged with renewable sources of energy.

low waste

With additive manufacturing processes we produce very little waste as the part we build is created by adding material to a build plate. The opposite with CNC machines is removing material from a solid mass, therefore using more energy and creating more waste.

We recycle both PLA, PETG, Addnite and Onyx