a planetary crisis

plastic pollution 

We need to stop the plastic before it reaches beaches, rivers and oceans. We need together a plan to re-use and recycle plastic as well as banning plastic that is not recyclable. Lostboyslab is committed to find clever ways to use design, engineering and 3D printing machines to create that value and change peoples perception reg the value and what can be done with recycling. 
Your plastic waste source to 3d printed products

the plastic challenge

350 M tonnes new virgin plastic was produced 2019, only 9% was recycled.   
As Makers we believe in fixing things, repairing things and recycling
How much was from your organisation? Together with our partner REFLOW we offer:


Source consultancy, scope & Material Identification

Together we look at your waste, what materials, volumes and how it can be collected. We agree on targets, shortlist the material candidates and waste streams. At tis stage we also set the final objectives for what to achieve with the plastic waste, new designs, new products and the business model around it.


Material Sourcing, R&D and testing

Together with our specialists and recycling options from the ecosystem we investigate sample materials. 

In depth testing on target materials and benchmark against established filaments.

3D designs are validated and production processes tested.


Produce 3D Filament

Materials are produced from the Reflow facility, production setup, mechanical and print tests, color options. Material ready to be used at the end of the transformation phase.

Final approval of products and ow they will be produced and sold.

product creation

3D Printing

Together with our teams we decide how the 3D filament should be used, sold on the market, used internally for 3D printing processes or together we design parametric CAD models that will enable new products to be created in lostboyslab 3D farms or open it up for others too.

Know the source

source traceability

Recycled local plastic waste to rPLA

PLA is a highly versatile biopolymer that is economically efficient to synthesise and possesses biodegradable capabilities under the right conditions. It has a range of common applications from cardiovascular implants or PPE in healthcare as well as uses like plastic films, bottles and straws in packaging. Our rPLA is sourced from a consistent stream of food packaging waste, collected and pelletised by a leading recycler in the Benelux region.

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Our mission follows UN goals 2030

Together we can make a change

Below is four of UN's 2030 goals, our focus is in these to make our impact and the world a better place

Local manufacturing

With our 3D farms and global 3D content platform we bring back the jobs to the local people. Local waste, becomes locally produced 3D filament and with local 3D print farms and recycling we can produce local products with local workforce, creating new businesses and changing the virgin plastic tsunami from mass production...

Innovations to drive

In the heart of our company we have the eagerness to change the world to a better place. To engineer new machines that is easier and locally maintainable and made out of recycled plastic. Our innovations will be use locally to make a change, a lifecycle approach to manufacturing with 3D printers and 3D CAD and internet platforms to educate and assist.

Lifecycle approach

All our solutions is based on a cause and effect thinking, a cradle to gate to grave approach. Every city needs to take care of its own trash, recycle and enable its population to make things locally with it. This is what we do and what we will achieve with our technology, one part of a more sustainable future where local waste becomes locally produced products.

Fight Plastic Pollution

Mass production based on new virgin plastic and the way the supply chain handles spare parts has to stop. We need to shift to the 4th industrial revolution and start mass customisation instead where we take care of the plastic waste and treat it as a material for local 3D print farms. That way we set a value on plastic and enables recycling and stop it from hitting our shores and waters