plastic is a great material to recycle

Almost every type of plastic is recyclable, our ambition is to find the best way to do that locally in a micro or nano factory , turning plastic waste into usable new products. Collection, cleaning and then shredding is the first steps in the process, we describe below some of our machines, processes and research.

Collection and analysing the waste stream as well as cleaning it is very important first step. Plastics can not be mixed. It is also in our micro process important not to mix colors and types to create a good material for re-use.


We evaluate and test different shredders as showcased below. They have different costs, requirements and volume, but they are all made for grinding down plastic waste into small 4 mm flakes.

3D material

3D printers can print with 3D filament or with granules (pellets). Depending on the 3D printer we can either create new material through 3D filament process or simply print with the flakes directly. Another option is to make a 3D mould and use the plastic for injection moulding.



More power

Our latest shredder in the lab is a Wittman, it is strong and can shredd with much larger capacity. Plastic waste is crushed and grinded down to 4mm small pieces. From these we can create new 3D filament or simply 3D print new parts with a 3D printer that can be fed with granules.
the shredder

recycle locally

With our shredders we will turn local plastic waste streams into plastic pellets. We can together solve the plastic pollution problem by 3D printing or injection mould new products out of local waste.

Shredder for recycling

An Efficient Desktop Plastic Recycler

The SHR3D IT Shredder is a high-performance addition to our industrial setup – power through our day with a wider range of applications with the desktop shredder. Combining the capabilities of an industrial grade shredder and a granulator.

We will add some more detailed videos and images once we are in production with our new unit in the Alpha Zero lab...


3D Filament maker

From 3Devo we get these filament makers where we also can turn shredded recycled material into 3D filaments. With great extrusion quality of consumer materials, such as PLA, PET, ABS, PEEK, PETG, PEKK, etc. It can handles temperatures up to 450°C, giving us the freedom to experiment with both high and low temp. materials.

We will add some more detailed videos and images once we are in production with our new unit in the Alpha Zero lab...