lostboyslab presents

matte recycled 3D filaments

Recycled matte PLA, PETG & Addnite. Material recycled for waste streams.

With our filament and recycling partner we believe that sustainability should be the obvious choice for all creators using 3D printing. We have used recycled materials for more than two years in full production at our farm. We like it so much we decided to start selling it online to other makers. It should be a simple choice to make, involving no compromise on cost or on the quality of your creations. Together we source the highest quality streams of discarded plastic from leading recyclers and work closely with scientific institutions to optimise the results.
how we do it

Recycled PLA and PETG

this is why we do it

For a greener planet

Recycled with care

We tackle plastic pollution while you create beautiful work with no compromise on quality. rPLA is both recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. rPETG is recycled and recyclable.

Used in our 3D print farm

Tested by the best

Our recycled materials have been put to the strictest of performance test and passed with flying colors. Thousands of printing hours in our farm with different 3D printers and brands.

Super quality

Optimised for performance

We go the extra mile to make our materials universally compatible and offer you the best quality in the market. Recycled materials like rPET and rPLA should be as good as virgin materials, that is what we accomplished.