Material and production system for 3D printing


Nebulon is a software development project, a cloud based datacenter for material and production control especially developed for 3D print farms and cutting edge manufacturers.
We quickly realised as a startup in the 3D print farm and 3D CAD area, that very few easy to use and versatile PLM/PDM systems for the new era of 3D printing exist. So we decide to develop our own. The development have gone a long way and Nebulon is today the heart of our design data, parts, production orders, machine maintenance and so much more.
Count time and material

Nebulon is a database that keeps all your design, product information, manufacturing and processes in the cloud, ready for you to reach anywhere in the world.

Nebulon integrates with Autodesk Fusion 360 and can host 3D archive files as well as STL files.

Be in control be in the cloud

Nebulon runs on cloud servers and can be hosted on any cloud service. This also means Nebulon can manage multiple instances of farms located anywhere in the world but all shared in one central database.

Nebulon integrates with from Markforged, Raise 3D and other cloud services for 3D printing

knowledge database

As production goes on, all things are feeded into the database regarding machines settings, G-codes, STL files, PDF's with service data as well as material safety data sheets. All designers and 3D production technicians share the same info and mistakes can be avoided and quality consistent between farms.

The MPS solution for 3d farms

3D design firms and the new breed of manufacturers need new tools to drive their business, we developed Nebulon for this purpose, a central glue between Fusion 360 and 3D printing slicers like Markforged, raise 3D cloud and Ultimaker digital Factory.


The benefits are many, but we have little time and space so below is four arguments to become a lostboyslab partner and join our community and use Nebulon in your production
During 2021 we will only work with partners that will join us to develop the solution in very close cooperation. Commercial licensing is planned to take place 2022-2023.

Thinks like a 3D farm and run production

Nebulon is born the 3D print farm, it solves our daily problems and streamlines our processes. The Machine database have a full maintenance log over every issue reported, creates a lake of knowledge and allows for quick turnaround of solving issues. Essential price calculations including material costs, machine time and tasks is defined and summarised in the main assembly, the Product database.

Integration with Autodesk Fusion 360

The lostboyslab work only with Autodesk Fusion 360, it is integrated in Nebulon in several ways. Publicly uploaded models can be viewed on each part and on the full assembly in Product database. Drawings, DXF laser cutting, archived Fusion 3D models as well as STL can be stored.

Part numbered uses in Fusion to easy find and locate 3D CAD models as well as our material library for 3D filaments into Fusion 360.

Connected with 3D printing slicers like Eiger & Cura

From the parts database you have direct access to the same part as STL file uploaded in Markforged or you can open Cura directly from the parts database with or without octoprint. Parts numbering is consistent between the database, Slicers and Fusion 360. Machines and material is also coded with unique identifiers that also is integrated in NFC tags added to the physical filament rolls for traceability.

Developed by Makers for Makers

Nebulon is a new way of working in a factory run by a few people with hundreds of 3D printers working in parallell day and night. It requires a new way of thinking and speed, control and flexibility is keywords.

Nebulon is in its infancy and we will continue to develop it extensively in 2021 before we launch to the public. New features like RFID connectivity, Support for 3D configurators, mass customisation and our IoT solution



The place for all customers, partners and suppliers. Store all vital data reg payment terms, addresses and contacts. Each contact have an individual unique code that is referenced into other parts of the Nebulon database. All data fields is searchable and lists can be created with ease.


The production order is the center part for driving the execution of printing of parts. The order number is unique and contains all the individual parts, showing the amounts and the material code. 3D printing technicians have full access and updates the status when production moves from start to finish. Send PDF to contacts for order confirmation as well as information for invoicing. The Production orders is the main database that controls what parts, amounts, materials and machines to be used in the 3D print farm.


A product assembly is made out of a recipe containing parts, materials, components, processes and packaging. With the Products Assembly you can build up a complete product by linking in parts etc into the full assembly. It includes additional components and other materials, as well as defined parts that is 3D printed. The system will calculate the complete internal production costs for a product. Link to an active Fusion 360 model is available, as well as tag data and e-commerce link. PDF's can be created with 3D print offers for printing services.


A process is a task that is performed in the production creation. It can be anything for starting up a 3D printer to clean a model from support. The process ID is the unique identifier that is used in the system to add a process to a part or to an assembly. It handles instructions for the staff and includes description and duration as well as identifying machine, person or part.


A 3D printed part is a subcomponent of a full assembly. It is the individual piece that holds 3D data. Links and containers exists to store Fusion 360, STL, Slicers profiles, Slicer settings, drawings and DXF files. Links to for direct access to Markforged cloud is available as well as material weight, additional continuous fiber, process and the printing time. Each part is linked to a 3D printer and multiple optional 3D filaments to enable calculation and production information and make it available for everyone in the company. Sorting, searching and listing functionality.

3d materials

A comprehensive dataset for the 3D filaments used in production. Materials codes, types, brand, names, chemical names as well as printing settings, thermal and mechanical properties are all part of the 3D material database. It also includes descriptions, technical information as well as recycling information and if recycled it contains waste category and types. The material codes are linked back up to parts as well as used in Fusion 360 material manager for access in the 3D model. It also includes inventory management, pricing data and supplier information.


Additional materials used for water, knife or laser cutting. Holds all data around production settings for the laser and includes costs, links to product pages and manufacturers part no to enable ordering of materials. The materials are connected to the recipe of the product assembly. Typical materials are leather, paper, boards, rubber, plastic sheets and other materials that will be cut, engraved or processes in production.


The component database contains bolts, nuts, magnets, profiles, NFC chips, cables, connectors, bearings, rods, clamps or anything that is bought as a sub part to the full assembly. The database contains inventory management, ordering information as well as basic characteristics for the component. Latest invoices and product data sheet can be uploaded and stored.


Packages includes type, color, brand, material as well as engraving data for laser engraving. Sizes and descriptions are included and packages is a sub part to an assembly. Listing functionality available as well as search and sorting in any data field.


Database over all production units like 3D printers, shredders, laser cutters and UV printers. Each machine has a unique ID that is relationally connected upwards into parts and production. Information reg service contracts, install date, printing sizes etc is included. Maintenance log for the actual machine is integrated in the bottom of the page as well as direct links to the 3D printers cloud software like or similar. Listing functions as well as full search and sorting on any data field is available. Lifecycle data as appreciation is calculated for production order and 3D printing part quotes.


Logg for maintenance work executed on the print farms machines. Keep track of each issue and what action and status is for every issue done on every machine. Logg identifies creator and also assigning a job to a 3D production technician.

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