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PRESS RELEASE 2022-02-27

Lostboyslab invest in Italian WASP 3D printers

Lostboyslab and WASP today announce the investment of the industrial delta 3D printers to be installed in the Lostboyslab 3D print farm Alpha Zero in Malmö Sweden.

Lostboyslab is today the largest 3D print farm in Scandinavia and with inhouse design, production and software engineering the main focus is based on circular design and sustainable manufacturing. The two new industrial WASP delta 3D printers will join the farm that already has more than 200 printers in use, in a single location.

WASP is based outside of Bologna Italy and has been developing 3D printers since 2012. WASP is working with the same key values and mantra as Lostboyslab, the local power of manufacturing and reusing and recycling materials to build a better world and circularity of resources. WASP has successfully built many printers over the years and is now mainly based in circular and biomaterials with the delta technology for 3D printing, a fast and reliable solution.

PRESS RELEASE 2022-01-28

whatt.io developer program

Lostboyslab launch development program for whatt.io

Lostboyslab today launched the development program for the lifecycle data platform whatt.io. The program is intended for 3D print farms, manufacturers, researchers and product designers.

Autodesk developer

Lostboyslab joins Autodesk Developer Network

Happy to announce that we are now part of the #Autodesk Developer Network as an authorized developer. This will allow us to develop new technology and innovations in #Fusion360 and #Forge to improve circular design processes and additive manufacturing! Stay tuned for more magic...
Press release 24th of august 2021

Lostboyslab launch matte rPLA 3D filaments with NCS colors

Today marks another milestone, as Lostboyslab launches two collections of new 3D filaments, particularly for design professionals in the 3D FDM printing industry. Based on recycled PLA, now with a matte finish and a world's first color matched filament using the Natural color system(NCS). Now available at https://www.lostboyslab.shop/

Both collections are aimed for use by architects, interior decorators, product designers and other professionals that want to use FDM printing for final production. Lostboyslab as a circular design studio and Scandinavia's largest print farm, have during the years tested more than 200 different materials on the market but none of them were what we as designers really wanted. 

Press release

STCC innovation partner

STCC and Lostboyslab have entered into a partner agreement were lostboyslab with its innovative recycling and 3D printing innovations, will work for a fully circular and sustainable STCC events with the help of new technology

The partnership will be focusing on all areas of plastic pollution and lostboyslab will assist with 3D technology and engineering, as well as sustainability processes to help and guide STCC to a fully circular and zero carbon and zero plastic waste event company.

This will involve showcasing the nano factories where recycling units and 3D printers are working 24/7 in a 20” shipping container powered by solar energy. These Mobile Maker Units will be on site at the race tracks to support race teams with manufacturing of spare parts, tools and other possible assistance for immediate help during the race weekends.

South Coast of Sweden 3rd of May 2021

Lostboyslab opens online store for 3D filaments

Lostboyslab announced today that they will actively start selling 3D filaments consisting of recycled materials rPLA and rPETG in collaboration with the Netherland based sustainable materials manufacturer Reflow. Reflow has been a long time partner and supplier to the Lostboyslab, who have been using their recycled PLA and PETG filaments for the majority of FDM 3D printers in the farm.

The two companies will now join forces in a new sustainable partnership, starting with the opening of the https://www.lostboyslab.shop/ an online sales channel for the Reflow rPLA and rPETG ranges. More details about the partnership will be released later during the year.

After extensive testing, research and production in the 3D print farm consisting of more than 60 printers utilizing over 150 materials from 20+ different brands, it became a natural choice to primarily use Reflow recycled PLA and PETG for production in the farm on the FDM 3D printers. The reflow materials have competitive advantages with their significant environmental impact, source traceable inputs, competitive price, premium level quality and quick delivery times.

This does not affect our industrial 3D printing solutions like Markforged, where they still use ONYX or in our research where other 3D printing technologies like SLS or Resin are used. From today onwards, all 3D printers producing parts in the FDM 3D print farm with PLA and PETG like Prusa, Creality, Artillery and many more, we will switch over completely to the “green” alternative, that prints just as well as virgin material, with the same quality, accuracy and arguably nicer colors.

The Reflow rPLA and rPETG are available today at https://www.lostboyslab.shop/ and  filaments are in stock in Sweden for immediate delivery.


3D verkstan and lostboyslab

Zoom interview from 3DVerkstan
Lostboyslab is up to some really exciting projects using MarkForged printers as well as other projects connected to recycling of material and re-use of plastic waste in the world, a growing problem that needs to be addressed.

Lostboyslab joins the Fablab at Halmstad University

Press Release  25th of March 2021

Lostboyslab and Halmstad Fablab today signed a partner agreement for local industry. The support fee is dedicated to support student’s innovation projects and will open up opportunities for cooperation.

FABLABs are a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication.

The program began as a collaboration between the Grassroots Invention Group and the Center for Bits and Atoms at the Media Lab in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a grant from the National Science Foundation (Washington, D.C.) in 2001

“We are proud and excited about joining the Fablab in Halmstad, this will be a great opportunity to explore and work together within research in the 3D printing industry” 

says Stefan Larsson Founder of lostboyslab

The mission for lostboyslab is to build demand for recycled plastic and manufacture parts locally with 3D printing supported by the whatt.io digital parts platform. 

For more information about Fablabs:


For more information about Halmstad Fablab


Lostboyslab joins Stanford’s Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE)

Press Release  24th of February 2021

Founder and tech entrepreneur Stefan Larsson of lostboyslab have taken a step into further adding resources, for the research and disruptive plans to build an ecosystem for local manufacturing of recycled plastic parts leveraged on a digital supply chain platform. As new members of Stanford University’s Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE), lostboyslab is well on its way, along with several other industry leaders, to advancing manufacturing on demand and developing new recycled material engineering innovations worldwide.
The mission of Stanford CIFE:
“The CIFE mission is to be the world’s premier academic research center for Virtual Design and Construction of Architecture – Engineering – Construction (AEC) industry projects. ”The center at Stanford brings together the sharpest minds of our industry and opens up research, support and education opportunities, so it is great to see a disruptive green tech startup like lostboyslab to become a part of our pioneering group of leaders.”
Founder Stefan Larsson joins the organization along with other industry leaders working in Virtual Design and technology like Trimble, Microsoft, Google and Autodesk, and world leading companies in construction technology.
I am really excited and proud to be at the same table with other key innovators and industry influencers, we will together shape the future of how to design and manufacture” says Stefan Larsson
Stanford CIFE is keen on their vision to help members develop, learn and apply VDC principles and methods to give projects their maximum value and to assist member organisations in achieving their most groundbreaking objectives through reliable design, as well as through engineering construction and management so member organisations can develop and operate sustainable facilities.
The mission for lostboyslab is to build demand for recycled plastic and manufacture parts locally with a digital supply chain platform that is global. The solutions will allow for mass customisation and IoT traceability with NFC chips integrated in the products. The objective is to build a scalable manufacturing solution that can be franchised and replicated all over the world to support local manufacturing of recycled materials. 
Lostboyslab focus will be on sustainability and enable a lifecycle approach to components and parts in multiple industries. 
For more information about CIFE:
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