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3D Production Technician

We are looking for more talent and will now hire additional 3D production staff to work in our Alpha Zero lab, the design studio and 3D print farm south of Malmö in Sweden.

You will be based in the lab and join the team that manufacture parts and products with mainly 3D printers. The lab is growing and the tasks for a 3D product technician is to optimise the printing process, maintenance of printers, cutters and lasers, as well as ensuring professional delivery of the orders. The lab does both manufacturing for external designers and customers, as well as developing internal products and research.

Our research is in various industries. As an example one of our internal projects contains an EV conversion of a vintage car. You are expected to have a wide range of knowledge and a willingness to learn new things everyday.

The job description

You will work directly with the innovators in the design Studio and 3D print farm, Alpha Zero. As lostboyslab grows and sets up new locations in the future it might be necessary to travel to educate, maintain and set up new labs all over the world.

We think you are a maker, engineer or mechanic, that got tired of boring linear work and you are something extraordinary as a problem solver and 3D printing enthusiast. You care for design, beauty, quality and you are meticulous. The task is not easy, but it will have an impact on the whole world's plastic pollution problem.

At the moment we run more than 40 additive printers in the lab together with lasers, carbon fibre owens, 3D scanners, shredders, extruders and injection moulding machines. We work with the latest technology and materials range from biological PLA plastic to Carbon fibre, Peek and PPSU with various composites.

You will work hands-on with all our production and be part of the team that makes the farm run smoothly. From a knowledge perspective, you need to have software skills to use our internal Material and Production system, as well as production tools and slicing software. These include Eiger, Cura etc. It is a bonus if you have knowledge in 2D and 3D CAD.

You will receive health benefits and be part of the Padel team on Friday mornings.

You will work in an environment with all the coolest tech stuff and together with the other 3D Production Technicians you will also do research in new tech, materials, machines and methods.

We hope you are a person with an eye for details and the mechanical skills to repair and fix anything. Social skills are very important as you will engage directly with customers.

The team at the lab is small, which makes us very agile and fast. To excel with us, you need to be curious and competent.

You will get loads of individual responsibility, so we believe you are a doer and not afraid of taking actions and solving daily challenges. We are not afraid of failure, if we dare to fail, we try hard and that is part of our core, to cater for sustainability and the environment.

Language requirement is fluent in English and Swedish, French and German is a plus.

  • You are a maker, engineer or mechanic that is not afraid of new challenges.

  • You already have knowledge in mechanical engineering and slicer software.

  • You can work hard and take action and deliver high quality results

  • You love to innovate and be part of a team that is committed to change.

  • You are curious and not afraid to learn new technologies and platforms.

  • You are willing to work in a small team where speed is essential and changes can come frequently as things change and need solutions to match a new reality.

If this fits your profile and personality please send us your CV and prepare for a google Meet interview.

We want to know when you can start, your salary requirements and also answer the question; What would you wear to a costume party?

Welcome with your application to the lostboyslab, Alpha Zero

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