December 2021

Design, Development, Prototyping and Manufacturing process

This document is a guide that describes the processes and methods used to go from concepts, problems and ideas to full scale production using CAD and additive manufacturing. Depending on the project phase a customer can enter into the correct stage and all parties can work with a fluent and clear objectives for each stage. 

Alpha stage - BRIEF

First meeting, virtual or physical. Introduction of the problem and product or defined solution that will be designed and manufactured. The first brief can be done with or without NDA that always should be mutual as lostboyslab uses software, material and printing technology and methods that are classified within our industry. After the brief both parties should get into agreement about the scope of the project and next stage the project enters, depending on material types, CAD files etc. that are available.


The workshop can involve designers, management, engineers and 3D technicians depending on the scope.The length and objectives of the workshops should be documented and well defined to produce an outcome and next steps. The workshop is offered as a fixed amount item after the initial brief. The cost of workshop should be defined based on resources and time spent for preparations, travel and accommodation etc


In this part of the project we work for a retainer, either a fixed fee or at running hours. This part can include 3D scanning of contextual physical parts, analyses of other solutions and design in 3D CAD software to showcase 3D renderings and depending on the scope produce scale down prototypes or full size prototypes in recycled and bio derived materials to enable for full recycling if needed. In this part we will invoice for time and manufactured items in the 3D print farm. Can be a retainer or running fee. The study can run in circular motion with designs and prototypes in several steps. The cost of the design concept study should be based on a retainer (with defined work) or a fixed agreed fee.


This step will look more into detail about additive manufacturing, including materials, production prototypes, parametric production models, variations and technical and functional studies. During this phase we will create production ready parts that can be used in real life situations and final approval for production. A client can go straight into this part if the solution is already designed and a CAD model is developed, depending on the quality and intentions of the CAD model we can use this as a base for creating a production CAD model. In this phase we also find the right production parameters with the slicers and manufacturing tools depending on tools and material choices for the final part. The cost of the delta stage should be based on a retainer (with defined work) or a fixed agreed fee.


 In this step we produce the parts in our 3D print farm based on volume and fixed quote and on demand. Production preparation with tool settings. Production timelines and planning of forecasted volumes need to be done to secure materials and production slots in the factory. Delivery and packaging and other post processes are defined and production can start. 

FOXTROT STAGE  - MOULD & 3rd party production.

 In the case of production of carbon fiber prepreg or Bcomp in an autoclave environment, we will have the final steps of optimising the final production of the end user parts with moulds produced in the 3D printing farm. This will only include this step if a mould to part is to be used. All other manufacturing will be done final in stage echo.