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At the lostboyslab we offer circular product design, parametric 3D CAD production modeling, additive manufacturing with FDM, FFF, FGF and more. We design smart products with whatt.io our software platform for lifecycle data. We also develop 100% recycled and sustainable materials as 3D filament that we sell at the lostboyslab.shop
rPLA matte NCS from Lostboyslab
Our services

3D scanning

With our expert knowledge in 3D scanning we can scan both individual mechanical parts and also complete larger items like cars, boats, furniture. The result is an accurate OBJ-STL file that can be used as context in all major Mech 3D CAD system like Fusion 360, Creo, Solid works, Catia etc
Example below scanned for Islandworks.one, vintage Porsche 964 lightweight project as context to design new parts and components
3D scanned CAD file from Porsche 964
Our services

Product design 3D CAD

At Lostboyslab we are designers, engineers and innovators. We can design from ground up or work with external designers and engineers. We are experts in Fusion 360 mechanical CAD and all technology around 3D printing, 3D materials and additive manufacturing. Within our group we can also add more engineering capabilities like generative design, parametric design, 3D configurators, software and data driven design as well as custom developed solutions.
Our services

Rapid prototyping

With the 3D print farm at the Lostboyslab in Sweden being one of the largest FDM/FFF/SLS micro factories, we can build your prototypes fast. We are fast, as our roots are in motorsport and engineering with more than 130 printers working in parallell. Overnight printing and delivery are no problems for us. We deliver in various recycled PLA or PET up to 1200x600x600 in size and ONYX (reinforced or not) from our Markforged machines in 270x300x200 or in various recycled platsics with fiber in the Magnum 3D FGF printers 1200x1200x1500 (min 1 week.)
Our services


The lostboyslab is one of Northern Europes largest 3D print farms with capabilities to manufacture parts and products in the thousands. Our 3D printers can produce large quantities of parts made out of rPLA, rPET and ONYX. We have more than 130 printers from Prusa FDM, Fuse 1 SLS, as well as a range of Markforged FFF Onyx printers including the mighty X7. The X7 produces high quality parts even with continuous carbon fibre that can replace machines aluminium. The Markforged industrial 3D printers offer micron-level laser scanning for closed-loop calibration, reliably yielding parts with 50 μm repeatability and industry-leading surface finish.

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