The shredder

Crush those plastics, recycle as a local hero

As a kid you always feared the Shredder, but luckily we hade the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For many years ago working with a gaming company, I had the pleasure to meet the original inventor of TMNT in Beverly Hills, trying to cast his wife for a part in our adventure game... As a young kid I was totally in to martial arts and trained Ninjutsu, which ended up in a funny moment in their backyard, showing Ninja moves for the inventor of the turtles :-)

As a courtesy to our former heros we have named this project the Shredder, as this is exactly what this will be, shredding plastic waste to enable recycling locally inside a lostboyslab. Then with 3D filament makers we can turn those shredded recycled parts into new material that goes on a roll and into the 3D printers!

The inspiration

Many companies inspired us to start this project but one really stand out, Precious plastic from Netherlands

The precious plastic universe

We work closely together with all organisations around the world to help each other to build better and better shredders. From the shredded plastic we can grind it into pellets that gets either casted, pressed or we create 3D filaments for our 3D print farms to create new products. One of the open source projects is the and we will work together to create a shredder that can be used in our labs to do our own recycling locally.

the shredder

recycle locally

With our shredders we will turn local plastic waste streams into plastic pellets. We can together solve the plastic pollution problem by 3D printing or injection mould products out of local waste.

Shredder for recycling

An Efficient Desktop Plastic Recycler

The SHR3D IT Shredder is a high-performance addition to our industrial setup – power through our day with a wider range of applications with the desktop shredder. Combining the capabilities of an industrial grade shredder and a granulator.

We will add some more detailed videos and images once we are in production with our new unit in the Alpha Zero lab...


3D Filament maker

From 3Devo we get these filament makers where we also can turn shredded recycled material into 3D filaments. With great extrusion quality of consumer materials, such as PLA, PET, ABS, PEEK, PETG, PEKK, etc. It can handles temperatures up to 450°C, giving us the freedom to experiment with both high and low temp. materials.

We will add some more detailed videos and images once we are in production with our new unit in the Alpha Zero lab...


Turn that waste into 3d filament

grinder and extruder

ProtoCycler is one of our test machines we use to find a process from pellets to filaments