Whatt.io is our development platform for mass customisation, online parametric configurations and the connection between the physical product and all the lifecycle data stored in the internet, from cradle to grave. This will be the future for how additive product connect to the internet returning material information regarding recycling, spare parts and ownership to support circular design.
NFC tags integrated in the 3D printsHigh volume production in Onyx One3D printing with NFC tags in prints
the passive internet of things platform


The future of manufacturing is local mass customisation, for that we need a digital platform that holds all the needed product data for every unique physical product manufactured, this is whatt.io, what? Yes that is whatt it is...
With new additive manufacturing methods, circular design and DfMA we get smart products that can connect to lifecycle data creating traceability. Every  mobile phone is a connection point to the smart products to enable a new sustainable way of reusing materials and to be more careful about the resources on earth.
Using integrated RFID chips (NFC) in the manufacturing process to connect the thing to the internet.

Dynamic DFMA

Thousands of variations can be created by connecting the whatt.io database and push values of parametric properties into the Fusion 360 CAD and then further down the chain to manufacturing. One costs the same as many, with digital supply chain we can make you one or many.

Define the logic

In Whatt.io we define the properties and their logic. Sizes, variations, materials and colors. 

We connect the data with API to Autodesk Fusion 360 so the machine generates a unique and tailored new design that can be sent straight to manufacturing.

NFC chip integrated inside

A close range 4-10 cm passive RFID chip (NFC) is integrated in the product to enable any mobile phone to read the URL and connect to the web to visit the database page of that exact product.  Ability to keep up to date information about recycling, spare parts or support.

Allows for total customisation

Whatt.io allows for customisation of every part in the assembly so the consumer is in total control of their creation. Whatt.io will be the glue and also the back end for mass customisation to drive the properties of the actual product manufactured.

We are the lost boys, in our own world where magic exists and we still think like kids, not ruined by constrained thinking and old ways that used to work


Why use a lifecycle cloud platform, 3D printing and recycled materials for your product design and manufacturing? 

Uniqueness out of 3D printing

The next industrial revolution is upon us. You probably heard of 3D printing, but might not know the amazing opportunities it can have on our lives, our products and our environment.

Whatt.io is aimed to be a glue, a connection between the buyer of a product and the products information. With 3D printing we can build a process of manufacturing that allows every single item to be unique. That means not only from mass customisation point of view, but also unique in that it will get a NFC (Near Field Communication) tag embedded inside the main part of the product.

It means we can create a unique experience and a unique connection to the actual item with information using whatt.io platform.

Need spares? - order or 3D print

With Whatt.io you have direct access to spare part information and additional features like download of parts in a digital form for printing new spares on your own. It is up to the actual designer/manufacturer to allow for different features possible in the whatt.io platform.

A quick "blip" with your iPhone or Android will take you to the products totally unique home on whatt.io where your owner information and other info regarding recycling, material, warranty and assembly instructions are available.

Smart and connected - Use the NFC tags inside to drive home automation

Another benefit of the whatt.io platform and 3D printed manufacturing means, is that the Integrated NFC tag (s) (ISO 14443-3A) has the ability to be connected not only to whatt.io The tags can also be used for automated shortcuts for smart home applications like Apple Home, Google Home and Alexa. The main tag is locked for whatt.io but can be a link to home automation. Some 3D printed products have additional tags can be modified by you.

We will soon update with more concepts and information reg whatt.io

can't wait