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With NFC tags embedded in 3D printed parts connected to whatt.io, a simple and easy way to connect product information regarding material, manufacturer, recycling, assembly straight to the end users phone and controlled with whatt.io admin by the brand and product owner.
whatt.io is our cloud platform that enables a connection between the physical product and lifecycle product data from cradle to grave. NFC enabled parts using additive manufacturing connect the actual individual part to whatt.io cloud platform, returning manufaturing, material, maintenance, assembly, recycling, spare parts and ownership information.
NFC tags integrated in the 3D printstap a 3D printed part with your phone3D printing with NFC tags in prints

whatt.io tools and admin for brand owners and 3D print farms

Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing means local additive mirco factories that are controlled by software. Our cloud based lifecycle product information platform enables a connection between the products and their unique data. By integrating a NFC tag/chip with the protocol ISO 144443 it can be read with almost any mobile phone. This allows for information storage directly connected to actual part.
Smart products that can connect to their own lifecycle data creating true traceability.

NFC tag ISO 144443

NFC tags for integration during 3D printing. The 25 mm diameter NFC tag 213 (RFID) is for embedding inside a part, a slot of 26x1 mm and a pause in the G code will allow adding the chip during printing. Compatible with whatt.io product lifecycle solution and enables you to add the chip after production, on packaging or on products where integration is not possible.

NFC chip integrated inside

NFC tags for integration during 3D printing. They are developed for Lostboyslab specifically with FDM/FFF and 3D printing and with bed temperatures up to 90 degrees. Works on Prusa, Markforged etc with PLA, PETG, Onyx etc.

For more options on NFC tags:

Lostboyslab.shop - NFC

whatt.io Factory APP

Part of the whatt.io toolset is an Andriod and iPhone App that enables the 3D technician to quickly wake up the NFC tag and connect it to the cloud database. Choose brand and product and it will retrieve data from various sources and hard code the products tag with its now unique identity,

whatt.io cloud Admin

The cloud admin is a web based administration where all brands, products, parts and the 3D print farms with their 3D technicians are hosted. Products are added with their detailed information about product, manufacturing, material, recycling, support and spareparts that then will be connected to the physical part.

Alpha version ready March 2022


development partners

Why use a lifecycle cloud platform, 3D printing and recycled materials for your product design and manufacturing? Why connect the parts with their own traceability data? Join us today for a limited number of development partners that will work close together in our dev program.

Smarter Products with additive

The next industrial revolution is upon us.

Whatt.io is aimed to be a glue, a connection between users, brands and manufacturers to gather and store lifecycle information and make it availible when needed. With 3D printing we can build a process of manufacturing that allows every single item to be unique. That means not only from mass customisation point of view, but also unique in that it will get a NFC (Near Field Communication) tag embedded inside the main part of the product.

Need spares? - order or 3D print

With Whatt.io you have direct access to spare part information and additional features like download of parts in a digital form for printing new spares on your own. It is up to the actual brand owner to allow for different features possible in the whatt.io platform.

A quick "blip" with your iPhone or Android will take you to the products totally unique home on whatt.io where your owner information and other info regarding recycling, material, warranty and assembly instructions are available.

Smart and connected - Use the NFC tags inside to drive home automation

Another benefit of the whatt.io platform and 3D printed manufacturing means, is that the Integrated NFC tag has the ability to be connected not only to whatt.io. The tags can also be used for automated shortcuts for smart home applications like Apple Home, Google Home and Alexa. The main tag is locked for whatt.io, but can be a link to home automation. Some 3D printed products have additional tags can be modified by you.

whatt.io development program

whatt.io 2022 dev program

Development program open to apply for univerisities, brand and product owners, manufacturers and 3D print farms
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